The call-out is part of our plumbers’ working hours. Even if no work is immediately required, then diagnosis of any problems still requires our time and expertise.
Unless you are properly qualified, we strongly recommend against this. This will likely need further expensive remedial work and may cause major health and safety threats. 0800 Homefix has years of experience in fitting electric showers, and we would be happy to help you. Email to find out more.
Plumbers are skilled tradespeople who undertake complex and time-consuming work. Prices are also kept high by a national shortage of skilled tradespeople.
There is no such average. Each case is specific and individual.
This depends on a number of variables including materials, what kind of work you require, and how long it will take. For quotes, please email
This varies on location, time of day, and special events such as Christmas or bank holidays. Our staff will always clarify this when providing a quote.
0800 Homefix charges £550 per powerflush. This covers up to ten radiators with each further radiator incurring an additional charge of £30. This does not include VAT.
Work is usually charged on a project by project basis rather than a daily rate.